Sunday, February 03, 2013

Catch Up

Another week of flitting between different priorities at work, without really focussing (or resolving) anything. Frustrating and unproductive.

In OU news, I am in that phase of being in the second half on one module whilst starting the next one. At least I can choose when and how to divide my time, so I have made good progress on my M359 Relation Database theory as well as keeping up the momentum on MST121 with some work on indefinite integrals which builds on all of the differentiation that I have just done.

In telly news, we are enjoying binging on the box set of four seasons House that we picked up for £17, which has now been joined by a similar size box set of '30 Rock' for the same price. The only minor irritation with the House DVDs is the anti-piracy ad that plays after *every* single episode. We have bought the damn thing ffs - we haven't pirated it! The answer, of course, is to use Handbrake to rip the dvds to mp4 format, import them into iTunes and then watch via Apple TV.

The weather looks set to turn cold again next week ... Winter is still coming!

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