Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catch Up

So, the snow that fell on Friday is starting to melt outside and the threatened heavy falls haven't materialised yet. I rearranged an appointment for a health screening thing that I had been due to go to in Manchester yesterday and our Iaido grading has been put back a week, but other than that we haven't been disrupted over much.

I'm enjoying learning calculus much more this time around, compared with my struggles with the subject twenty five years ago. The OU material and this MIT Open Courseware make sense of the first principles of finding derived functions without which none of the rest makes sense. I can now confidently be amazed that f'(e^x) = e^x and understand why.

I am also hugely enjoying the scope and historical detail of Assassin's Creed III, particularly the set-piece historical battles and grand naval engagements. It's a fascinating and turbulent period of history, that doesn't often get the coverage it deserves. It's noteworthy that the muskets take a realistic amount of time to reload which makes bayonet fights a regular highlight. The tomahawk fights are also very believable, from my brief experience of the weapon. 

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