Monday, September 17, 2012

Milk and Alcohol

I didn’t have the best start to the day.

The alarm now goes off ten minutes before dawn, so it was as dark as a dark thing when I got up. I stumbled downstairs, fed the cats, walked the dog and poured myself my usual bowl of muesli. I’d eaten half of it before realising that the milk was off, and the sour taste hung around in my mouth for some time after. Yuck.

The day brightened up as the sun rose above the horizon, and I set off for work at a quarter past seven. The traffic is now back to normal levels after the summer hols adding at least another ten minutes to my journey time on a good day.


Helly said...

Bad milk is a horror of mine. I sniff and sniff repeatedly before ingesting or putting it in a recipe.

Nancy Heiges said...

I haven't drunk milk in years. I'll put yogurt (plain) in cereal - it's supposed to taste sour, so it takes the worry out of it.