Monday, September 10, 2012

I Don't Like Mondays

I seem to be going through one of my periodic slumps.

I find myself nodding off in the evenings in front of the telly when it gets dark outside and then I wake up at five in the morning, only to watch the clock for an hour before it’s time to get up in the early morning gloom. I think that I need to start using my Lumie light and bid a farewell to the light days of summer and start getting ready for the descent into the darkness of winter. Why am I surprised by this every year?

In OU news, I have submitted my last assignment for M366 (Natural and Artificial Intelligence) and now have a month to prepare for the exam. There’s a huge volume of material to look back at, and I really need to practice some exam questions to get in the right frame of mind for it. I’ve also just received two big parcels of books, cds, dvds and the like for my MST121 Maths course which starts as soon as M366 finishes. No rest for the wicked!

In games news, I picked up Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad in a sale the other weekend and I’m enjoying whizzing round race tracks in various sporty cars. The graphics are pin sharp and the game is easy to control by tilting the iPad from side to side like a steering wheel. The races can feature up to 16 cars on the track and they all seem to behave realistically – jostling for position and making smart overtaking moves on corners. I was also inspired to borrow Forza 4 from Jamie to give it a whirl and that really is phenomenal with dozens of tracks and hundreds of cars, including the famous Top Gear test track and the ‘reasonably priced car’ of ‘star in a’ fame.

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