Monday, July 23, 2012

Tramlines 2012 Day 3

The hottest day of the festival, both in terms of the weather and the music. As usual we started in the Frog & Parrot with a pint of Summer Lightning and the double bass/guitar combo of House of Charms, followed by The Ridgeways with some solid pub rock.

Next stop was the air conditioned darkness of SoYo for the Springsteen-esque Famous Villans and the utterly delightful Blessa.

Finally, the ever dependable New Music stage to see the end of Dog is Dead followed by a sausage inna bun from the gourmet food stalls across the way and then the superb Rolo Tomassi belting out some math rock with just a hint of diabolical sulphur in the vocals.

Closing off the festival were 65 Days of Static, with much guitar and keyboard noodling to sort all tastes.

Another excellent Tramlines - roll on 2013!

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