Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still Alive

So, I have had a couple of days of rest and recuperation following the excesses of Tramlines capped off with my birthday revels yesterday eating barbecued sausages and drinking Hendricks gin. Lovely.

Today didn't start quite so well though. The freezer door didn't shut properly last night and so the whole shebang was thoroughly iced up this morning, necessitating a full defrosting exercise with warm water, towels and much scraping. We eventually got it cleared and put the food back in, and then had a heart stopping half hour when it seemed that the freezer wasn't working. I got to the point of totting up the cost of lost food and a replacement freezer, and was about to ring somewhere for advice when the motor whirred back into life. Phew. 

To celebrate we decided to bite the bullet and use put my birthday money towards an Apple TV unit. It really is a most dinky little thing that plugs in via an HDMI cable and allows us to play all of the music that we have on various computers and phones, watch videos and Netflix, and even mirror what is on the screen of an iPad or phone for big screen gaming or sharing cute pictures at the press of a button. An essential purchase if you are an Apple household, I would say. 

Finally, it's back to work tomorrow - a depressing prospect for reasons I can't discuss publicly, but at least it's a short week including the obligatory birthday treats to take in tomorrow. 

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