Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Always the sun

A warm day today (and the longest one, to boot), and with the crushing inevitability of such things in the British summer the air con in the office broke down. Fortunately, my desk is next to the window so I did get the benefit of a cool breeze from time to time which helped slightly. The heat did seem to make one particular orquer des vaches a tad vexatious, shall we say, but the less said the better.

In OU news, I got my module result for T275 Change, Strategy and Projects and ... The results have been counted and verified … in no particular order ... Drum roll … Spotlights focus on the stage ... Ominous close up ... I got a distinction! … Waves arms like Kermit! I had struggled with some of the woollier aspects of the course,

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Rachel Green said...

Congratulations, dear sir. You rock like a very rocky thing indeed!