Monday, February 06, 2012

Killer Bytes by Alan Williams

Killer Bytes (a novella of intrigue)Killer Bytes by Alan  Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wil Jackson is a tech blogger, self-confessed geek and generally mostly harmless. He is therefore somewhat surprised when the police turn up on his doorstep asking why his last interviewee - an investment banker - has been killed in an explosion. However, this proves to be just the first of a string of gruesome murders and when the killer starts sending taunting messages via the internet it falls to Wil to use all of his skills to find the connection between the apparently unrelated victims.

This an engaging and absorbing first novella from author and blogger Alan Williams. The plot rattles along, with the mystery being unravelled as the corpses pile up. It is refreshing to read a detective story where the use of the internet is handled realistically without being belaboured. There is a touch of wish-fulfilment at work as well, as the hero works from a fantastic sounding hi-tech shed in his garden and begins an affair with a glamorous politician.

It's a short book, but it left me wanting more and I hope the author returns to these characters soon!

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