Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home of the brave

As the days start to lengthen, it is now properly light both when I leave for work and when I set off back home in the evening, which always feels like a significant turning point in the year. I still don't have the energy reserves that I used to have - a couple of late nights last week, followed by a day trip to London, saw me worn out for most of the weekend. Still, this week has been better, and I have found that having a fifteen minute nap when I get in sets me up nicely for an hour or so of OU work.

In telly news, I had been looking forward to watching 'Homeland' but it quickly went from having an intriguing premise to being nonsense, nonsense, nonsense within the space of a single episode. It felt as if the writers were trying to play on the same jingoistic 'it's the war on terror, so that excuses every dreadful thing our characters do' card as '24'. The only way that this series could be interesting is if it turned out that the homecoming marine was not a secret Islamic terrorist and that the loopy CIA agent was arrested and put on trial for her egregious infringements of privacy. Avoid.

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