Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cold day in the sun

It was bitterly cold again this morning, but at least it was leavened with a bit of blue sky and sunshine which is always a good thing. It's still dark when I set off in the mornings, but at least it's still just about light when I leave the office in the afternoons which makes the journey home a darn sight easier.

My usual routine now is to get home, have a coffee and a sit down and then crack on with an hour or so of OU work. After that, I head off to the wilds of Skyrim to brew potions, craft armour and kill bandits for a while before tea, followed by an episode of The Wire. We are on to season 2 now, and thoroughly enjoying the twisty-turny plots and intrigue.

In other games news, I am still playing the usual slew of turn based IOS games, with Hero Academy being my favourite at the moment. My current strategy is to bring no more than three heroes on to the field at a time with the objective being to get an armoured fighter on to the purple boost so that a character with a ranged attack can chip away at the enemy crystals. The third character is a healer as supporting back up in case one of the others is knocked over.

In other IOS news, I am rather excited by the prospect of HD versions of all of the Phoenix Wright games coming to the platform in the near future. I've played the first two games on the DS, and hopefully they will add to the crime scene investigation features that made those ones so intriguing, not forgetting being able to shout 'OBJECTION' at critical moments during the courtroom bits.

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