Monday, January 30, 2012

The thin ice

Back in the office today, after a week on a course down in that London. It was grey and icy outside this morning, and the traffic was predicatably slow. I also managed to leave my laptop at home - I took the bag, so I had the power lead, all of my folders and bits and bobs, but no actual machine. Fortunately there was a spare laptop that I could borrow for the day that had most of the stuff I needed on it - all of my work is backed up on a network share and the email is on the exchange server, so it's only software that's on the local drive.

I managed to get some OU work done at lunchtime - I picked up a respectable 93% on my last assignment and I'm trying to get ahead on this module so I can start on my Artificial Intelligence course at the weekend.

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