Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stormy Weather

We've certainly got some seriously apocalyptic weather going on out there at the moment - freezing cold rain and howling gusts of wind that sound like a choir of banshees at full throttle. It was quite impressive to see the weather fronts marching over Leeds yesterday, watching from my office window - one minute horizontal rain and the next a rainbow, followed by a sharp dividing line of cloud and then a brief respite of blue skies, before the next lot of rain.

I'm tired after a mere two days of work this week, but at least I've only got one more day in the office before a work at home Friday and the weekend. It's been busy too, with more weird support stuff being uncovered on one of our web installs. I finally worked out why a RTF document that looked fine in our app was different when converted to a pdf to be embedded in a web page. Not surprisingly it was down to a RTF tag for the height of a table row being mangled by Word when the customer had edited it and then our PDF converter pedantically insisting on displaying it as per the correct RTF standard. It looks like we are going to have to write some sort of fix to work around it. Bah.

I've also had several meetings that will count towards my OU project work and I now need to start working on my next TMA document, but I might leave that to the weekend as I am comfortably on schedule.

In games news, Need for Speed Shift 2 was the free app of the day on the iTunes 12 days of Christmas which sort of makes up for them giving away a 'One Direction' single the other day. It looks appropriately shiny on my iPhone, although it unhelpfully hides the help options somewhere off of the main screen.

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