Monday, January 09, 2012

Bomber's Moon

The full moon shining through the bedroom window was bright enough to wake me up this morning and it was still balanced on the far horizon as I drove to work. There was also a faint glimmer of light from the approaching sunrise, so there must only be a few more weeks of dark mornings to go. The winter has been comparatively mild so far, strong winds notwithstanding - I think that I have only had to scrape my windscreen free of ice once and there has been no snow to speak of.

Last night we burned through the last three episodes of season four of Breaking Bad. Wow, what a gobsmackingly audacious bit of telly, particularly the final scene. I love the quirky camera angles, the moral ambiguity (we are cheering for crooked lawyers, hitmen and drug dealers?!?), and the flashbacks and forwards that tease and illuminate. Where the heckins are they going to go with season five? Good stuff.

In games news, after finishing GTA : Chinatown Wars I returned to GTA III on iOS. Yes, the on foot controls are a touch shonky, but then they always were in the original game. Any sort of jumping, gun play or even just walking around is a bit of a trial, but I managed to collect all of the hidden packages on the first island which makes the game a lot easier by providing respawning weapons at the safe house. The joy of GTA for me is in driving around, listening to the radio and anticipating the next twist in the story line. I also made a start on Sword and Sworcery which I picked up cheaply over the holiday period. First impressions are very positive and I think this will be one to savour.

In other, other games news, I am still enjoying Skyrim, even if the sheer scope of the number of quests is slightly overwhelming. I have resolved not to look in my Miscellaneous quests folder and just deal with one plot strand at a time. My character is primarily a magic user, so I am following the Mages Guild quests to see where they lead. I have also managed to enchant myself a full set of light Elven armour and I suppose that I should work on my smithing skills so I can make use of all of the dragon bones and scales that I have been collecting.

In OU news, I have made a start on my second TMA for my business course and I now have the books and materials for the next course that I am doing on natural and artificial intelligence, which I am hugely looking forward to.

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