Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the old

One thing that I have enjoyed more than anything else this past year is going out to see live music - we've been to several festivals from the cheap 'n' cheerful Westonphest to the city wide bonanza of Tramlines, and I've seen some truly excellent live performances from Riding the Low and The Swellers, but the highlight of the year has to be The Velcro Teddybears.

 We've seen them often enough that the members of the band now come over to say hello after gigs and I am certainly intending to see them again, if only to nag them about recording at least a CD's worth of songs. Some t-shirts for the merch stall wouldn't go amiss, either ...


 In games news, my time was mostly taken up with things like Words with Friends, Disc Drivin' and Carcassonne on my iPhone, although I have to note that LA Noir and Portal 2 have been standouts to play on the Xbox. I can see Skyrim keeping me busy in small doses well into the new year.

 On the telly, this year we have been mainly watching Forbrydelsen I and II as well as the first three seasons of Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones was a surprise treat out of left field too, with the machiavellian politics being of as much interest as the swordplay and gratuitous nudity.

 Finally, I want to get back to some form of martial arts this year, at least when the evenings start getting lighter. There's an Iaido club in Sheffield that I'd like to visit at some point to see if my knees are still up to it.

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Leatherdykeuk said...

Good luck with the iaido.