Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Cities in Ancient Lands

I actually managed to sleep through the whole night last night without coughing, and my morning cough didn't start until after I had got out of bed, which is a modest improvement. It's properly dark in the mornings now as the Indian summer fades into a grumpy Cowboy of an Autumn.

Work has been irritating today (and yesterday), with planned items being shelved for panic items coming out of the QA testing and the clients. One typical issue was a issue that only showed up in the rare case of opening a window, closing it without making any changes to the form and then having an automatic action to authorise the process in the background which couldn't authorise anything because there wasn't anything there to authorise, giving a somewhat unhelpful warning. This behaviour has been in the system for years without being spotted, so it's hardly a show stopping bug to worry about four days before the service pack is due to go out.

In games news, Deus Ex continues to hold my attention. My character is majoring in hacking skills, so I am enjoying breaking into computer networks to rifle through people's emails and data stores in search of useful information. The graphics range from things being very familiar (every computer has the same wallpaper and the toilets in China are identical to those in Detroit) to satisfyingly different - the pod hotel that I have just been investigating in search of a rogue hacker was crammed with entertaining details.

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