Monday, October 24, 2011

The Biggest Horizon

So, a fun weekend.

Sunday morning saw me up (somewhat) bright and (relatively speaking) early to meet up with various peeps from to drive down to Nottingham for a games playing meet up. We arrived at the venue - an impressive victorian pile of a hotel - where things were already being set up. We had a video projector, screen and a full blown PA which made playing Rock Band 3 an impressively visceral experience - so much so, that the hotel offered us the use of the ballroom rather than the smaller meeting room we had booked to avoid disturbing the other guests. Aces.

So, in the big room, we got cracking on even more games, both on the big screen and also a variety of other retro titles ranging from a eye-popping Virtual Boy to a twin keyboard 'Typing of the Dead' on a Dreamcast and even a genuine pong system from the 70s, still in good working order. Board games were also on offer, and my contribution of Waddington's Formula One was fun although probably too long winded with six players. Other highlights included playing Space Channel 5, Child of Eden with Kinnect and the excellent Pac Man Vs which is a superb multiplayer game that makes use of a Gameboy Advance SP as a second screen.

 In addition to the games, beer was drunk, a buffet lunch was devoured and talk was talked.

 Good times.

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Catherine said...

This sounds like a ridiculously awesome weekend!! As we say at my office, "GTs were had!"