Monday, October 03, 2011

Back in Black

Just one coughing fit in the night, last night, and I also managed to sleep flat on my back for most of the rest, so I struggled into the office this morning. I got through the day on a combination of paracetomol and codeine tablets, honey and lemon menthol cough sweets, strong coffee and a very nice strawberry cupcake from a tray of same that one of the consultants had baked and brought in. Nom.

I think that last night must have been the first time that I have been to the cinema in well over five years. Fortunately the Showroom beats the generic mega-plex on just about every count - comfy seats with an uninterrupted view of the screen, no numpties talking on mobiles during the performance, crystal clear sound at a reasonable (i.e. not apocalyptically ear splitting) volume and no poxy 3d nonsense. Even better, there's a bar that lets you take beer into the film if you so choose. Last night's film also started bang on time without the usual slew of trailers and adverts beforehand, although that may have been just a feature of the preview screening. I think that we may well be going again.

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