Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Bone

After the lovely weather of the previous weekend, we are now back to the seasonal norm of cold, damp and miserable. Still, it was a good weekend on the whole with number one daughter home for her 21st birthday as well as my mum and dad to join in the celebrations. Sunday lunch was gourmet burgers at 'The Handmade Burger Company' - very nice indeed, and so filling we didn't get around to eating birthday cake until after ten o'clock at night.

In health news, although the frequency of coughing has decreased somewhat, it is still violent enough to have pulled a muscle somewhere in my back, adding an extra piquant twist of agony to the affair. I was also awake in the night after falling asleep on my left arm and then being unable to move for some considerable time until the pins and needles had worn off.

Monday morning was the predictable haul into work followed by the aftermath of the first phase of the grand reorganisation at work. Our team is not actually moving, although the QA desks behind me have been shuffled forward to create room for another bank of desks beyond them. This was achieved by moving a bookcase and dumping it immediately behind me. Sigh.    

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