Thursday, September 08, 2011

Back in the Dark

It's dark in the mornings when I get up now, necessitating switching the lights on so I can see to make my morning cup of tea. The cats are never far from the back door either and need little encouragement to come in for their noms. The dog, on the other hand, just sighs heavily and puts his head under his blankie until a more sensible time.

The traffic is building up from the easy summer levels too. It's noticeably busier, even at a quarter past seven when I hit the road. I think it's a combination of people returning to work after summer hols as well as the drizzle and gloom slowing things down. Just to add an extra edge of piquant frustration to the mix, there are roadworks in both directions that I can take - the gas board are digging up the road down the hill and the water company are limbering up to replace a main pipe in the other direction. Oh joy.

Blogging has been somewhat sparse as well, for which I apologise. I'm still working on my end of module assessment, which is slow going. I'm getting in from work and doing a bit each night, before falling asleep in front of the telly. At least I have arranged things so that I will have a bit of free time before my next course starts in November.

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