Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Riot

This seems to have been an exceptionally long week.

Watching the reports of riots on familiar streets has left me feeling angry and depressed for many reasons. We have an alienated underclass with no stake in society and no qualms about committing blatant acts of theft and destruction, and yet how are there actions any different to the bankers with no thought other than their next bonus who have driven the world economy into a brick wall? Politicians stand up in parliament and condemn, and yet it was only a couple of years ago that they themselves were caught out claiming thousands of pounds to furnish their second homes with big tellies and expensive bookcases. The papers wax wrathful about people flouting the laws that they are happy to break in pursuit of a good story. We can't even trust the police accounts of the shooting incident that was the trigger for the riots.

In my most paranoid moments I suspect that David Cameron was happy to let the riots take hold for two days before returning to deal with them. The precedent has now been set for turning off social media, increasing the amount of CCTV surveillance and we have even had sizeable numbers of people calling for baton rounds, water cannon and even live ammunition to be used to restore order.

Something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.

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Luffer said...

I agree with everything you say. The politicians and bankers will happily say that they didn't actually break the law doing what they did unlike the rioters. Even if what they did was morally and ethically suspect.

What they conveniently forget is that it is they who create the laws and mould them fit their own agendas in the first place!