Monday, August 01, 2011

Summertime Blues

A muggy night last night, followed by an even muggier day today. In fact it was as muggy as a gang of hoodies, hiding in an unlit subway at one in the morning waiting for somebody to walk past tweeting on their iPhone. In other words, I didn't sleep very well and felt even more rubbish when I remembered that I had to get up at ten past six for work. Evidently a week is exactly the right length of time to acclimatise to not having to get up at the proverbial crack.

Anyhoo, work was the usual same old, with a mountain of emails to clear and the usual tricksy problems to deal with. Can I have another holiday nao, pls?

In other news, I seem to have attracted some spam from a Catholic blog trying to flog a magazine containing an article called 'The Necessity of Suffering' - what a sordid and nasty little philosophy they cling to, to justify their beliefs. I'm sure that no aids orphan or abused child suffers more than the pope as he sits on his golden throne wearing his hand made red leather shoes. Anyhoo, here's Stephen Fry slam dunking the odious Anne Widdecombe (and no, going on a TV dance show does not make her loveable and cuddly).

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