Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tramlines 2011 Day 2

Day 2 of Tramlines and the sun was shining. We caught the end of Red Track on the World stage playing an unannounced slot, and I managed to find a seat on a bench with a prime view of the stage for Bertie Lee's Blues Explosion - a perfect way to spend half an hour soaking up the sunshine.

It's a short stroll from the Peace Gardens up to Barker's Pool for the New Music stage where were in time to see the unexpectedly brilliant Copy Haho a Scottish four piece with a nice line in self deprecating humour and some killer riffs. The bar was also serving a very acceptable pint of Tramlines Ale, which was a much better bet than the fizzy lager on offer.

We had arranged to meet some friends at a Blues and Ale venue, but we stopped on the way for a perfectly heeyuge bratwurst before making full use of our day tickets for the tram to take us down the hill. More beer was drunk, including a Best Bitter and a well kept Moonshine, and blues was listened to. It was fun to note the much higher percentage of men in hats at this venue, as well as the natty patent leather spats and crocodile shoes sported by the genuine musos.

Back on the tram again to the New Music stage for the mighty Dananananaykroyd - the absolute highlight of the day for me and a band I certainly want to see again. Two vocalists bounced off each and had the crowd jumping along enthusiastically. I was very glad to be a safe distance from the mosh pit.

The final act were Los Campesinos! with a disappointingly flat sound for a nine piece lineup. After a couple of songs from them, we called it a day and headed home, managing to get to the right bus stop at the right time to catch the right bus.

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