Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roadhouse Blues

A couple of days of rubbish traffic again - yesterday my usual route to the motorway was backed up past the roundabout in the center of Chapeltown and didn't appear to be moving. This was at 7:20 when the roads are usually clear too. I turned round in a side road and went for my plan B route which involves a right turn onto a busy bit of road, which I am not a fan of at the best of times (or even the worst of times). The traffic on the motorway itself has also been heavy recently too - usually the summer months are noticeably easier with people on holidays and better weather.

I did dodge one bullet yesterday when a bad lorry fire closed the motorway for a couple of hours. Fortunately it was on the other carriageway and mostly clear by the time I was on my way home.

This lunchtime I went out for a walk to try and stave off the mid afternoon lethargy that has been plaguing me recently. I ended up going into a pound shop and was tempted by a set of headphones and a retractable us iphone charger cable. The headphones were appallingly bad, but they will do for keeping in my desk drawer for emergency podcast listening purposes. The charging cable is actually quite nifty and does what it says on the tin. Again, useful to have at work in case I ever need it. Can't really complain for the price, I suppose.

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