Monday, July 11, 2011

The Golden Age of Video

As you probably know, I've recently joined Google Plus as an alternative social network to Facebook. We decided to try out the Hangouts video chat feature last night and managed an excellent half hour chat across three timezones with Audioboo stalwarts Will, Maria, Alex, Nancy, Alan and Pewari and featuring guest appearances from Akrabat and one of Alan's dogs wuffing in the background. Great fun, and technically very slick apart from the slightly irritating way that the focus of the main picture would switch apparently at random (or more likely because we were all giggling with glee at actually putting faces to voices).

In telly news, I can highly recommend Mildred Pierce - a depression era melodrama staring Kate Winslet as a slightly dowdy housewife abandoned by her adulterous husband and left to bring up two young children by herself. She is forced to take a low paid waitressing job simply to earn enough to live on, much to the disgust of her snobbish and precocious elder daughter. The five episode mini-series follows her life through the highs and lows of the times, with an astonishing eye for detail and some great acting from all concerned. Well worth a watch.

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will said...

If I could argue a point? Although we were all in three different time zones, we were technically across eight time zones.