Saturday, July 09, 2011

Catching up ...

As Helly has so rightly pointed out, there have been no blog posts here since Tuesday. Bad blogger. Sorry.


So, Wednesday was a upgrade of a test system on a customer site that ended up taking all day (and an extra hour or so after my usual snucking off time) and still wasn't completely finished even then. I was exhausted when I got in and fell asleep on the bed. My what an exciting life I lead.


Gosh, weird dreams. It was the usual zombie apocalypse sort of dream, but astonishingly vivid with lots of shooting shambling undead creatures in the head. And werewolves too, for some reason that escapes me. The nice bit was rescuing a little grey kitten from a wrecked house that looked exactly like the one off of the Whiskas advert.

Anyhoo, I was up a bit earlier for to drive to Bradford for a project kick off meeting. Luckily, the traffic was kind and the sat nav on my phone got me there in plenty of time. The meeting finished earlier than expected, and they hadn't provided a lunch (a-boo!) so I treated myself to a Veggie Delite from Subway. Nom.

Podcast Thursday

  • The Tugwell Tapes As you may have heard, the famously prolific podcasters Collings and Herrin have had a bit of a falling out recently. Fortunately some of their very earliest radio team ups from 2006 have been preserved for posterity and listening to them again is a slightly bittersweet experience.
  • The Perfect One Similarly, Phil and Phill have called a halt to their Perfect Ten podcasts, but they have released a couple of bonus extras that are well worth a listen.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage Another expiring podcast, although it will hopefully be returning before too long. In this episode Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by Prof Richard Wiseman, Andy Nyman and Bruce Hood to discuss why people believe in ghosts and the appeal of ghost stories. Spoiler alert - ghosts aren't real ... :-)
Games News

Game Dev Story is on sale at the moment for iOS, and if you haven't already got it then I urge you to go and buy it now, and then set aside a couple of hours to watch your little pixel programmers developing games for you. Aces.

OU News

92% on my last CMA, which I was quite pleased with as some of the questions were very tricky.


The usual audioboo ...

That's it for the catch-up, and there will be a caturday later, I promise.

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