Thursday, June 02, 2011

In the Sun

Another day of revision and practicing writing until my finger went numb. I did manage to sit out in the sunshine and read for half an hour before the late afternoon heat defeated me and I retreated indoors.

In games news, I picked up a movie quiz game on my iPhone the other day which is fun in small doses, but I'm constantly amazed by the number of films that I have never heard of. I didn't know that there was a movie called 'Barbershop', never mind 'Barbershop 2 : Back in Business' and yet IMDB assures me that there is. I get the feeling that much of the 2000s has passed me by, both in the cinema and the world of popular music. I pick up on odd things here and there, but there must be a vast world of popular culture that I am simply unaware of.

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