Saturday, April 23, 2011

When the Music's Over

Last night was fun.

After yet another deliciously warm day, I hauled the barbeque out of the shed and set a match to a pile of charcoal and while it was getting going we hit the apple vodka and rock band with a vengeance. We had a guest vocalist in Pig Orange Grey for the evening:

The patio doors was also flung wide, giving the gig the feel of an open air festival. We played through some Foo Fighters and a couple of old favourites before handing over to Jamie and two of his friends whilst I made a start on cooking up burgers and sausages which were consumed with gusto (and lashings of Nandos Extra Hot sauce). Nom.

Lots of varied music to listen to on the iPod dock (and I even managed to sneak my phone on there to play some Riding the Low), some interesting conversation, cold beer and a warm fire as the sun set behind the trees.

Today has been mostly productive, with question two of the TMA complete. Just one more fifteen pointer to finish and that's it for assessments before the exam in June. I did have to have some tablets and a lie down after lunch to clear a splitting headache which turned out to be due to an apocalyptic storm which passed over giving us an hour of rolling thunder, torrential rain and hail before clearing to be as sunny and warm as before. Strange weather.

Sixty minutes to Doctor Who ...

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