Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sound of the Revolution

How the hell is it possible in law to tresspass in a public building? Does this mean that anybody that enters Fortnum and Mason (other posh shops are available) without express permission from the owners is liable to be kettled, arrested and charged? This appears to be a purely political gesture by the police to inflate the number of charges of violent behaviour for last Saturday's protest from 14 (not bad for a crowd in the hundreds of thousands) to a much scarier sounding 150 or more. Our civil rights to peaceful protest are rapidly being eroded here, folks.

In less ranty news, I've finished the first draft of my report for my TMA (as mentioned yesterday), so tomorrow will be the critical evaluation and revision. The collaboration work seems to be going well too, with the impending deadline encouraging a decent amount of participation in the forum and wiki. Good stuff.

After a gloomy start, the weather picked up too allowing me to cast a clout a fore May is out (in other words go out for the afternoon dog walk sans coat). Smashing.

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