Thursday, April 14, 2011

One more red nightmare

A disturbed night, with dreams of being pinned down by evil doctors and then waking up wheezing with my throat feeling like a particularly sandy and hot bit of the Sahara. Not good. I'm running an energy deficit at the moment, and I'm really looking forward to a couple of days off over Easter to recharge my batteries.

Some interesting stuff coming out of the group work on my T215 course at the moment about the difference between how others perceive us and how we see ourselves in the context of team roles and behaviours. I did a Johari window exercise a while ago and I'm tempted to redo it to see if anything has changed in the intervening period.

In telly news, I have been slightly disappointed by 'Campus', perhaps because I was expecting something more like 'Green Wing'. We re-watched the first episode of that series recently and it certainly stands up to repeated viewing because of the sheer volume of surreal sight gags and character interactions, combined with the catchy music and trademark speedy up/slowy down camera work.

In music news, I am going to be writing reviews of some of the acts at Love Music, Hate Racism for Sally's Gig Reviews, so I will be flitting between the White Bear and the Cedar Room from about four o'clock onwards. It strikes me as something of a shame that they didn't call the White Bear upstairs room the Red Moon for all of us old skool Runequest fans ...

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