Tuesday, April 05, 2011


To burn a bible
Is boorish and ignorant
To kill, barbaric

Hounded by felines
Looking for refuge, the end
Of a mouse's tale

Cut off in my prime
Words vanished in the ether
Audioboo fail

Polling cards arrive
For the first time I don't know
Just who to vote for


Nancy said...

I've been waiting for the followup to the aborted boo.

Pewari said...

Hahah! Genuinely laughed out loud at the audioboo fail haiku :)

I love your weekly haikus - I haven't written any myself in so long. I should remedy that really.

neil h said...

I had no idea that it hadn't worked until Jan listened to it and told me. It looked fine on my iPhone.

@Pewari - I'm trying to get Haikusday to catch on as a meme ... it's the only form of poetry I can write.