Saturday, March 12, 2011

When the Work is Done

After posting my audioboo yesterday I was struck by a sudden determination to make the most of the remaining evening light, so after walking Barney I got stuck into a bit of garden tidying. I took the brushwood off of the pergola which was looking a bit threadbare after a couple of years up there. The vine should provide enough shade when the leaves grow back in the spring.

After that, I bundled up the bits into the wheely bin and unleashed the vortex of doom, aka the leaf blower, to scour the patio of leaves and debris as well as hacking back the dead bits of pampus grass in the corner. Unfortunately the palm tree is looking very sorry for itself after the extreme cold of the winter, but it may yet surprise us.

Today has been mainly tackling the last bit of the M255 TMA 03 which has been all sorts of stuff on the Java collections framework including sets, maps, and to really mess with my head, adding sets to maps to collate them. Eek. It wasn't too bad once I'd figured out what the question was actually asking for and the syntax I needed to use. I'll print it off to proof read tomorrow, but that shouldn't take too long so I'll be able to get a bit of T215 work done as well, also.

In Rock Band 3 news, we've been experimenting with the filters and party shuffle mode to give us a random selection from the three hundred and odd songs that we've got on there. It still manages to spring some new tracks on us, even after playing it every week for months. Which is nice.

Saturday Night Chillout on Last.FM : Nat Johnson, Client and Riding the Low (natch)

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