Thursday, March 10, 2011


Another day of very strong winds. A lorry was blown over not far from our office, killing an unfortunate pedestrian and injuring somebody else. Grim. We didn't see anything, but we saw all of the emergency services threading through the traffic jam on the ring road.

Work is the usual busy run up to the year end with a steadily increasing volume of support calls from customers, as well as various testing issues bouncing back from the QA team. It was considerably quieter than usual in the office as well, with lots of people either out on site or working from home.

OU work today has been some more reading on mobile technology going all the way back to the first generation analog phones that were limited to a thousand simultaneous calls within the available bandwidth of one cell. That probably seemed generous when they were divvying up the radio spectrum back then ... :-)

Right, now it must be time for a spot of Beyond Good and Evil which I am enjoying hugely for the stylish visuals and quirky soundtrack.

PS Just rescued a mousie from the jaws of death (AKA Doris). I can always tell she's brought something in when I hear her pre-emptive growling at anybody who might want to take her plaything away.

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