Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trace Amounts

A disturbed night's sleep, last night.

I woke up several times with aching muscles and only managed to nod off again at about half past five which was not really enough time to hit deep sleep before the alarm went off at the usual quarter past six. It probably didn't help that I fell asleep on the bed last night as soon as I got in from work, so I am determined to avoid doing that again.

At least I managed to leave work at twenty to five tonight, which made a world of difference traffic wise and I was home just after a quarter past. This gives me a bit of wind down time and a chance to get an hour of studying done to keep on top of things. I got my first TMA back with a score of 84% which is perfectly respectable, but slightly disappointing in that my suspicions were confirmed that I had pitched my essay at a too technical level for the target audience. Still, live and learn and move on to the next one.

The current unit that I am looking at is a study of mobile phone technology, and I am now finding out about the intricacies of 3G systems and high speed packet switched data. Fascinating stuff, particularly when you look at when the standards were agreed for these technologies back in the early 2000s while 2G was still comparatively the new kid on the block.

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Nancy said...

We just set the clocks back last weekend so now it's light until at least 8:00.