Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The day started out cloudy and cold, but brightened up by mid afternoon and was clear as the sun went down. A friend over on Twitter mentioned that the ISS was due to pass overhead at a quarter to seven so we went out to watch and had a stunning view of it flying just over the shoulder of Orion (no attack ships on fire though).

I submished my T215 TMA last night - I'm not entirely sure I've pitched the technical level of my writing assignment correctly, but learning how to do things like this is part of the course and I won't really know until I get the feedback from the tutor. Supposedly it was supposed to be suitable for first year undergrads as well as members of the public, which is a pretty broad range of technical ability. Hmmmm.

I've been keeping a weather eye on the iPad 2 launch, and while it is lovely and shiny I can't really justify getting one when I have my Macbook. I am more comfortable with this on my lap than trying to prop up an iPad somehow.


Nancy said...

You could post your paper here, and I, as a member of the public and one-time first year undergrad, could tell you whether I understand it or not.

neil h said...

I don't think we're allowed to post our stuff, at least until it has been marked and returned. I'll see what the tutor says ... :-)