Sunday, March 06, 2011


A bit of catchup work on my M255 projects after the tutorial yesterday, but I hit a problem with my java development environment running slowly and not opening the workspace test environment. I've had the same Ubuntu install since 8.04 and upgraded it every time, so I bit the bullet and reinstalled 10.10 from scratch.

It all went remarkably smoothly - all of my documents and files are backed up on dropbox so they all downloaded automatically, I retrieved all of my Firefox bookmarks from Firefox sync and the reloading of the JDK and my IDE were one click installs in the software center (with one slightly tricky copy of the files for the OU Workspace that was detailed in the OU faq) and all was back and running in a super whizzy fashion.

The whole thing took under an hour, and I certainly couldn't imagine doing a complete clean install and recovery on Windows in anything like that sort of time.

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