Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lonesome Town

Off to a Leeds today for yet another tutorial, in the cold drizzle

Slightly disappointed that only four people (including me) turned up for it, but I suppose that's down to what different people want to get out of the course. If you've paid it, then you might as well take advantage of four hours of tutorial time, in my opinion. Lots of useful stuff covered about the java collections framework, sets and maps and some more reviews of old TMA questions with plenty of examples to look at.

I learned from my experience last time and took some food with me for lunch time, even more advisable since we were in the other building rather than the Rose Bowl again which would have meant a five minute walk to even get to the cafeteria, never mind queuing up to buy anything.

I didn't fancy hanging around in Leeds in the cold, so we came home and I had a snooze whilst I downloaderized 'Beyond Good and Evil HD' off of Xbox Live. I played this when it first came out on Gamecube and the HD version is well worth the £5.00 or whatever it is in points. Expect a longer post about this at some point.

I suspect it is now time for Mr Smirnoff to join the Saturday night festivities whilst I check out the 'Riding the Low' station on on Xbox Live ...


Nancy said...

I like that song, Lonesome Town. You have a good evening, Mr. Smirnoff.

neil h said...

The song was a random selection on - I seem to be finding a lot of new things that I like on there of late.