Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kick Out The JAMS

Saturday night chill out radio on Last.FM has thrown up some gems tonight with an Orb theme - What Time is Love by KLF, Halcyon and On and On by Orbital and the awesome Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London being particular highlights. Yum.

Today has been all M255 work and I got through the whole of unit 11 (a fairly slim unit, to be fair) covering lists, the collections utility class and overriding compareTo() methods for objects (not forgetting to override hashcode() at the same time to avoid the classic junior programmer error). Good fun. I'll make a start on TMA 04 tomorrow before catching up on T215 work so I am up to date on that course too.

I think that running two courses in parallel has been tough and it would have been a real struggle if I hadn't been so confident with the M255 material to start with. At least the end is in sight with the current work load and by doing it this way I have knocked a good six months off of the time it will take to get this degree.

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