Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I wanna be your dog

Another glorious day in the corps, weather wise.

I had a minor kerfuffle this morning as I was getting ready for work. Barney usually stays in his basket in the mornings, but it was sunny out so he wuffed politely and I let him out into the garden to do his necessaries whilst I went upstairs to get a shower. I came down to let him back in again and realised that the gate was ajar and that he had wandered out into the field, so I quickly got some clothes on and went out to find him.

He turned out to be be pottering around at the far end of the playing field and came straight away when I called him, bounding through the wet grass like a pup with no sign of a limp. Phew and all that.

Work has been busy today, with an all day meeting discussing such riveting topics as divisional communication strategies and training methodologies. I still managed to squeeze in a bit of OU reading at lunch time, dealing with the technology used in GPS systems - absolutely amazing little gadgets precisely interpreting signals of vanishingly low power (imagine a 50 watt light bulb as seen from 20,000 km) with a timing accuracy measured in nano seconds all in a device that fits inside your pocket. Amaze.

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Nancy said...

Oh good - I'm glad to hear the foot is better!