Monday, February 28, 2011


After a week (well, strictly speaking three days) of half term empty-ish roads it was business as normal this morning with the situation not being helped by a nasty crash in the middle of the roadworks where the M1 meets the M62. The traffic was crawling past the scene where the usual three lanes were reduced to one. Not good.

Work today has been mostly meetings, or meetings about meetings, with a bit of interviewing thrown in for good measure, although I did manage to do an actual bit of coding this afternoon to fix the issue with rounding decimals on SQL server. Lunch was eaten in the fifteen minutes between the end of one meeting and a tele-conference, and I have made the discovery that cheesy coleslaw with a bit of herb salad makes an excellent filling for a wrap. Nom.

In OU news, I completed the first draft of the technical writing section of my T215 TMA, so I just need to do a critical review of it and trim it by about forty word to fit within the word limit. Shouldn't be too difficult, and I'll be able to submish it tomorrow I think.

In telly news, I finally got the necessary circular tuit to plug a network cable into the tv to try out the internet apps and we were able to watch this week's episode of Nurse Jackie using the iPlayer app in full screen resolution with no buffering. Nifty. We do tend to record most things we watch on the Topfield PVR box, but it's nice to have this as a fallback option. It would be even nicer to have 4OD on there as well, but that's not there at the moment.

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