Monday, February 07, 2011

City Life

We've just come back from a weekend down south, staying with my mum and dad. The principle reason was for Jan, Jamie and Jamie's fried Matt to go and see 'A Day to Remember' at the O2 Academy in Brixton, but it also allowed me to spend an afternoon mooching around the Imperial War Museum being impressed by the V2 rocket on display and finding out what it was like to be in a bomb shelter in the dark during the blitz. (Dark, smokey and noisy in case you were wondering).

I'd booked today off of work to allow me to catch up on OU work, so I've been plowing through more of the Cisco networking material. Mostly fairly dry stuff on OSI network layers, but it's starting to make sense now that the jargon is being explained.

In weather news, it's been very windy for the last couple of days and only now shows signs of letting up, although the temperature has dropped from 14 degrees to 6 degrees over the course of the day, as the wind direction has shifted. It looks as if we might be in for another stretch of cold weather.

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