Monday, January 24, 2011

Primeval Update

Busy day at work, preceded by a busy weekend of mostly OU work, so in lieu of a proper update, here is a rundown of my recent telly viewing
  • Dino of the week - some weird giant axolotl sort of thing
  • Body count - 3 (including one severed leg, and two missing presumed chomped)
  • Movie references - a pub full of yokels goes quiet when the two youngsters walk in with their fancy city ways
  • Stupid behaviour of the week - Abby's ray gun gets knocked under a camper van, so she challenges the monster by waving at it
  • ARC arc plot - Connor gets inducted into a sooper sekrit project and Irish new bloke has another gnomic conversation with mysterious cancer guy
  • Lady Lara Croft gets shut in a tomb, and Bill Sykes and Irish new bloke have a fight in a graveyard for no readily apparent reason
  • Abby running round in her pants - 0
All in all, top notch teatime telly!

In other telly news, it was nice to see a new series of Nurse Jackie pop up in the schedules. We really enjoyed the previous series when it was on, for the sharp writing and refreshing spin on the usual tropes of medical drama. Also, Edie Falco has the most amazingly enormous blue eyes.

Finally, B&Q Man was back on last night, as well, also, and was enjoyable enough, even though it still feels like four or five completely separate stories shoehorned into the same hour long slot. Also, Robson Greene as a werewolf? Exsqueeze me?

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