Saturday, January 01, 2011

Movie of the Year

I don't think that we went to the cinema once in 2010, that I can recall. I think I commented on one of Will's boos that the cinema is expensive (particularly when you start buying popcorn, cola and sweets), noisy (with people chatting and texting), crowded and saturated with advertising. You can't enjoy a beer with your film and you can't pause it halfway through to go to the loo (an important consideration for those of us of advancing years). Anyhoo, we now have a telly of sufficient size coupled with an audio system with enough oomph to render cinema trips more or less redundant.

This was the year that we discovered the oeuvre of Shane Meadows and happily worked through most of his back catalogue including the recent 'Le Donk and Scor-zay-ze', last year's 'Somers Town' and his debut 'A Room for Romeo Brass'. The best of the bunch was the thriller 'Dead Man's Shoes' which gripped me from start to finish, with a performance from lead actor Paddy Considine that would have won an Oscar in a Hollywood movie.

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