Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like Clockwork

It's been a while since I did one of these - my morning routine runs like this:

  • 06:13 The alarm clock is actually set for a quarter past six, but it's a couple of minutes fast at the moment and I haven't bother to reset it. I get a moment's grace where a purplish light comes on and the volume of the music on the iPod gradually ramps up, and I usually manage to switch it off with the remote control before it gets too loud.
  • 06:20 Downstairs and open the door into the utility room to be greeted by three hungry cats and a rumpled looking dog. The dog decides he wants to go out into the back garden for a wee, and while he is out I dole out a can of food between the cats.
  • 06:25 Put the kettle on for a cup of tea and switch the breakfast tv news on in time to catch the local weather and travel. Let the dog back in. Take my sandwich box out of the fridge and put it in my work bag. I usually have a wrap with leaf salad and savoury cheese filling, made the night before
  • 06:30 Run a sink full of hot water to wash up the cat bowls and put down a bit of dried food for second breakfasts. Daisy gets first dibs, then Frank and finally Doris before they disperse to wherever they have chosen to sleep for the day.
  • 06:31 Move Doris off of my chair by the radiator in the kitchen
  • 06:32 Make a pot of tea and leave it to brew while I eat a bowl of muesli and drink a glass of grapefruit juice to wash down a cod liver oil capsule.
  • 06:35 Turn the telly off when the sports news comes on and wash up the cat bowls
  • 06:37 Pour two cups of tea to take upstairs
  • 06:45 Drink my tea and read overnight twitter and blog updates, then play my turns of Words with Friends, Carcassonne and Disc Drivin'
  • 06:59 Switch off notifications and wifi on the phone and then put it into airplane mode
  • 07:00 Get in the shower for morning ablutions and other necessaries
  • 07:10 Towel dry, get dressed and put phone in shirt pocket
  • 07:15 Get coat, keys and work bag. Scrape ice off of the car.
  • 07:20 Hit the road, listening to podcasts and audioboos on a playlist
  • 07:40 About fifteen miles into the journey, hit the queue of traffic at Wooley Edge services and crawl for the remaining fifteen miles to Leeds. When the podcasts are finished, switch over to the audiobook menu. I'm currently listening to The Fort by Bernard Cornwell - a rousing tale of stout hearted Scotsmen and rebellious colonials in the American War of Independence.
  • 08:20 Depending on traffic, arrive at the office in time to get a parking spot.
  • 08:25 First coffee of the day while the laptop wheezes into life.

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