Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Light Dies Down on Broadway

I'm definitely at a low ebb at the moment. I was awake for a couple of hours in the night with a grumbling stomach upset and only managed an hour and a half more kip before the alarm went off.

The drive in was similarly rubbish again, and looks like being so for the next couple of months with the road works in situ. It is the wrong time of year to be doing it, with the limited light and bad weather, and I've never actually seen anybody working on it when I've been past.

Apologies for moaning, but at least two more positive things to report. My boss is going to see if he can wangle me some money towards my OU course as work related training which will be mice as I have already paid for it and budgeted the money. Secondly, number one daughter called after avoiding me for several days after I nagged her about sorting out her CV for her work placement next year. She's very much the sort of person who deals with important things by ignoring them and hoping they go away, but hopefully she is now sorting it out.

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