Monday, January 03, 2011

The Last One Standing

The last day of the holidays and it seems that we are back to cold and dry weather again, which bodes well for catching sight of the eclipse tomorrow morning.

After the usual morning potter and dog walk I got stuck into the last bit of my M255 TMA and finished it off in under two hours, ending up with frogs randomly jumping around on a pond trying to land on the centre lily pad. The coding side of Java is starting to make sense now, particularly the use of overriding methods to do useful things. I'm going to wait until after the next tutorial on the 15th before submishing it, as per my usual plan. On to Unit 8 tomorrow, with stuff on error handling.

The afternoon was taken up with my last nap of the hols, accompanied as usual by Frank the cat, and another walk in the woods as dusk and the temperature fell rather quickly. There was still a reasonable amount of light in the sky at twenty to five, so it won't be too much longer that I have to leave the office in the dark at the end of the working day.

Right, time for Stargazing live on BBC2 ...

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