Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hanging on the telephone

I've had just three days in the office this week and I'm already knackered. It's a good job I'm working at home tomorrow as there is snow forecast for the middle of the day which will make rush hour ... interesting.

It's been a frustrating day today. I was due to do a remote upgrade on a customer site today and I put in a request to their IT department to copy the files from our FTP server onto their network as we have no way to do it via the locked down citrix connection that we have. It took an entire morning of chasing via phone and email to get them to carry out a five minute job, and led to the afternoon a lot more fraught with trying to get everything completed before five o'clock. Grrrr and indeed aargh.

The commuting is also slow and miserable in the dark and the wet too, but at least I have now caught up with a whole bunch of boos and podcasts and I will get around to booing myself tomorrow at some point.

No OU work today, but I'll be able to get some done tomorrow at lunch time. Right, time for a game of Plants vs Zombies which I bought from Steam in the sale the other day.

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