Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gay Angels

This is my Saturday night chill out selection, and I have to say that it sounds wonderful through the sound system. I thought that I was hearing a distant rumble of thunder at one point, but it is the sound of breath on the microphone. Stunning, haunting and intimate.

Today has been hard work, but productive. Into Leeds for a day long tutorial covering units 5, 6 and 7 of M255 with a chance to review some old TMA questions as well. There were only seven of us there, which surprised me because the OU tutorial sessions are part of what you pay for on the course and are always useful to me. The morning session ran from half past ten till half past twelve, when I nipped down to meet Jan in the coffee bar for lunch. Unfortunately there was a perfectly hee-yuge queue and only one chap serving (very slowly), and no hot food either, so I didn't get the fish and chips that I had been looking forward to, or even a sandwich, and had to make do with a pack of crisps and a chocolate bar from the vending machine. Grumph.

Back upstairs after half an hour for another two hour session crammed with good stuff, and I ended up chatting to the tutor after for a bit. We bemoaned the stated of higher education with the looming tuition fee rises and agreed that education should be about more than getting a bit of paper to qualify you for a job. I would recommend the OU as a good way of broadening your mind, no matter what age you are.

Home again to an excited dog, and I zonked out for much needed half hour nap, joined as usual by Frank the cat who takes a special delight in curling by my side while I snooze.

Now we have chicken roasting in the oven, a glass of Greene King IPA and Primeval on the telly. Life is good.

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