Saturday, January 08, 2011

Games diary

It's been a while since I did one of these, so I thought I would have a bit of a catch up. Over the xmas period I managed to snarf up a huge number of iphone games that were either free or on sale, as well as Plants vs Zombies on Steam on my Macbook. Combined with Fable III on xbox, this has led to something of a games glut.

On iPhone I think that I will continue with my usual online trio of Words with Friends (or Words with Nerds as Grace Dent on Twitter has renamed it), Carcassonne and Disc Drivin' but I have a choice for a longer term game and I am currently torn between Game Dev Story, Mirror's Edge and Broken Sword. Hmmmm. Probably be Game Dev Story, I think.

Plant's vs Zombies is as enjoyable as ever on the macbook, although clicking with the trackpad to collect falling suns is not quite as easy as the touch screen interface on the iPhone. My aim is to unlock the zen garden mode that was missing from the iPhone version, and I am already onto the night time levels, so that is achievable.

On the xbox my resolution is to finish Fable III before starting on Assassins Creed:Brotherhood. I am about fifteen hours in so far, and I have just reached the plot twist bit. It's not quite the same change in tone as the Spire was in Fable II, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

In other xbox news, we finished the last of the road challenges so we are now going back and gold starring the ones that we only have silver on, to earn the title of living legends. Good times!

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gospvg said...

Game Dev Story is great but could be so much more. Mirrors Edge is short & will not take you long to complete.

Road Challenges? What game are you referring to ?

Hopefully some Red Dead Multiplayer this week?