Monday, January 10, 2011

Burma Shave

Monday morning. Cold, wet and dark. The only saving grace was that, at two degrees, it wasn't quite cold enough for ice to need scraping off of the windscreen. The traffic was bad as usual - I left my house at twenty past seven and only just managed to nab the last space in the car park at twenty to nine. This is for a journey that should take just over half an hour in optimal conditions. At least the roads were a bit better on the way home and the temperature had perked up to a toasty seven degrees.

In good news, the HMRC have sent me a refund of just over £80 for a tax overpayment and my new car should be delivered next week. I've gone for the Toyota Auris this time which is the UK made Auris with the hybrid gubbins out of the Prius. Apparently it's even lower emissions and better economy than the Prius, with the added eco benefit of not having to be shipped from Japan. Which is nice, especially as petrol is nudging £1.30 a litre.

It's the second week back at work and the holidays are now a distant memory. I'm feeling very run down and tired again, and if I try to talk for more than a couple of minutes my voice degenerates into a Tom Waits style croak (as you can probably tell if you've listened to any of my recent Audioboos). I've also noticed that when I type things I am missing out words, and then not noticing I have missed them until after I have posted the article or sent the email. I suspect that my usual typing speed has decreased as well. Hmmm. Not good.

In OU news, I have finished Unit 8 on exception handling and I've made in roads into Unit 9 on arrays and data handling. This puts me comfortably ahead by about a month, and I'll be able to make a start on TMA 03 before I even have to submish TMA 02.


Nancy said...

Comment one: Your work commute sounds horrible and thank goodness you can work from home at least some of the time. I know that a car park is a parking lot, but when I read it, I get the image of a pretty green place where cars can frolic while their owners are away.

Comment Two: Do you lease your cars? It seems like you just got the Prius! I hadn't heard of the Auris, but it sounds great. I'm trying to drive my Saturn into the ground and save up for a hybrid. Maybe.

Comment Three: Sorry you're not feeling well. Everyone in this house is coughing and croaking too. That thing about typing and leaving out words? I do that all the time, and I'm sure I didn't use to, even a year ago.

neil h said...

Yep, the commute is rubbish at the moment. It's a combination of winter dark and lousy weather, more traffic on the road and road works that are scheduled to last for another three months.

I get a company car which is leased for three years, so I am due for a new one. The Auris is a slightly smaller and sportier version of the Prius and looks very nice.

I am hanging on for the bright light of spring at the moment - even being able to leave the office with a bit of light in the sky makes a difference to me.