Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blood on the Rooftops

One of the very first groups that I stumbled across on the internet back in the day was (aka UMRA), which described itself as a group for the sort of people who might listen to the Archers. For the benefit of Nancy, The Archers is a daily, 15 minute soap opera that is, to quote the original tagline, 'an everyday story of country folk'.

I haven't listened for a while, and I've drifted away from UMRA to a certain extent (although I still keep in touch with various UMRATS through Twitter, Facebook and Livejournal - ~waves~ at Fenny, Rosie, Niles et al). Much like Al Pacino in the Godfather, just when I thought I was out tonight's special 60th anniversary double episode dragged me back in.

I still recognised the voices of Nigel, Lizzie, Ruth, David, Pat, Tony and Tom, and I followed the portentous storyline with a sense of impending doom. My Casualty-fu was in effect and I called Helen's pre-eclampsia before Amy did. We were teased with many possibilities for disaster before the final scene on the icy, windswept rooftops of Lower Loxley. In the words of Ruth - oooooh nooooh!

I'm off to iTunes to resubscribe to the podcast - Ambridge here I come!


Anonymous said...

maria does listen to The Archers and I don't. Therefore, during the school vacation she has fallen back in her listening (as Neil mentioned on Twitter, you can subscribe through iTunes). It was after seeing the Twitter traffic this morning I told her NOT to go on Twitter and to get her self to her podcasts. She needs to be updated soon, before she ends up here :^)

neil h said...

Maria needs to listen to this episode as soon as possible before looking at anything else on the internet. Trust me on this one ... :-)

Niles said...